11+ Best Thinkific Alternatives (2023)

Are you planning to switch from Thinkific to a better alternative? To help you out, I have prepared a handpicked list of the best Thinkific alternatives.

Thinkific is an excellent online course creation platform. This platform is known for its features, course builder, and brand recognition. This platform is the best option to start if you are a beginner, and you can get started with its free plan without spending anything. But not everyone likes Thinkific.

That’s why I have prepared this list of the best Thinkific alternatives. I have compared all these platforms based on their features & pricing. I hope with this list; you can decide which platform is best for you.

Let’s get straight into the list.

The 11+ Best Thinkific Alternatives In 2023

Sr. No.Thinkific Alternatives
8.Mighty Networks

Here is the list of the seven best Thinkific alternatives that you should consider trying.

Note: We have already done a detailed Thinkific vs Teachable comparison here.

1. Teachable

Teachable is the perfect replacement for Thinkific. Teachable offers more streamlined features that are easily understandable for beginners. The only difference between Thinkific and Teachable is that Thinkific offers more advanced features rather than beginner-friendly features. With Teachable, you can easily manage your students’ data and decide the best price for your courses seamlessly.

Thinkific Alternatives  - Teachable

The interface of Teachable is straightforward and easy to navigate. You can easily find all the customization features under the site section on the dashboard. You can create flexible pricing options and coupons to apply your marketing strategies. Teachable offers better marketing features than Thinkific. It also allows you to create membership subscriptions for your courses.

Key Features:

  • Drip content feature
  • Embed 4K videos in your courses
  • Create unlimited courses & add unlimited students
  • Connect with your custom domain
  • Play videos in an unbranded video player
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Add all types of multimedia in your courses
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Create URLs for your pages
  • Provide course completion certificates to your students


Teachable offers a free plan to help you get started without spending anything. It also offers three premium pricing options. You have to pay $36/mo annually to get the basic plan. You have to pay $74/mo annually to get the start plan. You have to pay $149/mo annually to get the business plan annually.

2. LearnWorlds

Note: To see how Thinkific compares with LearnWorlds, check my unbiased Thinkific vs LearnWorlds comparison here.

LearnWorlds is one of the best alternatives to Thinkific. The main difference between Thinkific and LearnWorlds is that LearnWorlds offer SCORM features that Thinkific doesn’t. Some of the best features of LearnWorlds are its custom mobile app builder, website builder, question banks, custom certificates, and more. This LMS is filled with amazing e-learning and superior teaching features.

LearnWorlds - Overview

If you choose LearnWorlds over Thinkific, then you will get interactive quizzes, copyright protection, interactive videos, and eBooks which Thinkific does not offer. All the course creation tools are available on the sidebar and easily accessible. You can access any feature you want within 2-3 clicks. All-in-all, if you want a beginner-friendly that offers more advanced features, then LearnWorlds is the best choice for you.

Key Features:

  • Create interactive videos
  • Check stats of video interaction to know your students better
  • Customizable video player
  • Question banks for better preparation of tests
  • Custom certificates of completion
  • Build a learning community
  • Create a school website
  • Build a mobile app for your school
  • Get instant reports & insights
  • Market & sell your courses


To help you get started right away, LearnWorlds offer a 30-day free trial on all their premium plans. To get the starter plan, you have to pay $29/mo or $24/mo annually. To get the pro trainer plan, you have to pay $99/mo or $79/mo annually. To get the learning center plan, you have to pay $299/mo or $249/mo annually.

3. Podia

Podia is also an excellent replacement for Thinkific. Podia is known for selling digital products, online courses, and memberships. This platform does not focus entirely on course creation like Thinkific or Teachable. It is a mixture of Teachable for course creation, Kajabi for membership platform, and Gumroad for digital download platform. Already over 50,000 creators are using Podia to create & sell their online courses.

Podia - Overview

On the dashboard, you get three options: Digital Download, Online Course, and Membership. To create a course, you need to click on the online course option, and you will see all the tools on the next page. Podia marketing features allow you to set up flexible pricing options, create upsells & downsells, and coupons.

Key Features:

  • Add your brand colors to the video player
  • Drip content feature to provide your course over a period of time
  • Create unlimited courses and add unlimited students
  • Sell product bundles
  • Create monthly or annual memberships
  • Built-in email marketing system
  • Stripe & PayPal payment gateway integration
  • Videos are hosted in full HD quality
  • Get podia domain for free
  • Sell your digital downloads such as music, audio files, and ebooks


To help you get started for free, Podia is offering a 14-day free trial on all their plans. To get the mover plan, you have to pay $39/mo or $33/mo annually. To get the shaker plan, you have to pay $89/mo or $75/mo annually. To get the earthquaker plan, you have to pay $199/mo or $166/mo annually.

4. Kartra

If you want an all-in-one alternative to Thinkific, then Kartra is the one for you. This platform is best for entrepreneurs, marketers, agencies, and course creators. Users use Kartra to create & sell digital products, and it can also be used to create online courses. A lot of creators are using Kartra to host their online courses. All the features of Kartra are easily accessible from the dashboard.

Kartra  - Overview

Kartra offers over 500 page templates, more than 50 designs, color pallets, and multiple layouts for customization. You can also create a logo that matches your brand & its color. Kartra offers a lot of marketing features such as coupons, one-click upsells, behavioral adaptive marketing features, and bump offers.

Key Features: 

  • Plug-and-play marketing campaigns
  • Add your watermarks in your content
  • Host unlimited courses & videos
  • Use drip content feature to feed your content to users over time
  • Create tier pricing for your memberships
  • Run quizzes & surveys
  • Monetize all types of content
  • Use multiple payment gateways to receive payments
  • Detailed analytics of your pages, campaigns, and emails
  • Create your website with Kartra builder


You can get started with the Karta trial for 14-days at just $1. Kartra offers four different pricing plans. To get the starter plan, you have to pay $99/mo or $79/mo annually. To get the silver plan, you have to pay $199/mo or $149/mo annually. To get the gold plan, you have to pay $299/mo or $229/mo annually. To get the platinum plan, you have to pay $499/mo or $379/mo annually.

5. Kajabi

If you have a reasonable budget to work with, then Kajabi can be a good option for you. You can take advantage of Kajabi’s advanced marketing features to sell your courses in a better way. The interface of Kajabi is rather complex in comparison to Thinkific or Podia. If you are having difficulty in finding any feature, then use the Kajabi assistant to get access to the features you require.

Kajabi - Overview

They offer 12 built-in themes to help you customize your product pages quickly. You can design your pages for mobile & desktop both. You get access to coupons, order bumps, upsells, pre-launch offers, and more as marketing features on Kajabi. You can send automated emails with Kajabi’s built-in email marketing feature.

Key Features:

  • Create any digital product you want
  • Set up a full-integrate website on Kajabi
  • Receive payments seamlessly with multiple payment gateways
  • Use the visual drag & drop editor to edit your content
  • Build dynamic landing pages
  • Run fully-automated marketing campaigns
  • Get organized metrics & analytics
  • Give access to your products on Kajabi mobile app
  • Create membership sites easily
  • Tag people based on their behavior on your marketing campaigns


To help you get started for free, Kajabi is offering a 14-day free trial on all their premium plans. To get the basic plan, you have to pay $149/mo or $119/mo annually. To get the growth plan, you have to pay $199/mo or $159/mo annually. To get the pro plan, you have to pay $399/mo or $319/mo annually.

6. LearnDash

Unlike Thinkific, LearnDash is not a complete cloud platform to help you create & host your online course. LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that can help you convert your WordPress website into an online course platform. You have to use third-party integration such as Wisita or Vimeo to host your videos. You can use the capability of WordPress and LearnDash to the fullest on your website to provide the best content.

LearnDash  Overview - Thinkific Alternatives

You can install LearnDash on your WordPress like any other plugin. You can access all the tools of LearnDash directly from the WordPress dashboard. You can use the CSS of the WordPress theme to customize your website. You can use the marketing features of LearnDash to decide the pricing of your online courses. You can also create coupons to apply an effective marketing strategy.

Key Features:

  • Sell any digital product you want
  • Host unlimited courses & enroll unlimited students
  • Use multiple payment gateways to receive payments
  • Use Google Analytics integration to track user interactions
  • Apply different SEO techniques to optimize your course website
  • Create a custom website using WordPress themes
  • Drip content feature
  • Install WordPress plugins to enhance the capability of your course website
  • Add advanced quizzes & polls
  • Use gamification elements 


LearnDash offers three premium plans. To get the basic plan, you have to pay $159/year. To get the plus package plan, you have to pay $189/year. To get the pro package plan, you have to pay $329/year.

7. Teachery

If you want an affordable alternative to Thinkific, then Teachery is the best option for you. This platform offers you everything unlimited such as courses, lessons, emails, and more. The best part about this platform is that it doesn’t charge any transaction fees on any of their plans, unlike Teachable and Thinkific. The interface of Teachery is advanced, but it is understandable even for a beginner because all the options are streamlined.

Teachery Overview - Thinkific Alternatives

You have complete control over your course customization on Teachery. To optimize the body content of your course, you can add custom CSS elements. It gives you marketing features such as an option to create promo codes, free courses to boost sales, create landing & sales pages, and more.

Key Features:

  • Create unlimited courses & lessons and enroll unlimited students
  • Live course editor
  • Embed audio, slide presentations, and videos in your courses
  • Use course style editor for better customizability
  • Create payment plans for memberships
  • Create promo codes to bump your sales
  • Course & membership bundles
  • Email capture pages, landing pages, and sales pages
  • ConvertKit and MailChimp integration
  • Add a custom domain for free


To help you get started, Teachery is offering a 14-day free trial of all their plans, and it has two pricing options. To get the monthly plan, you have to pay $49/mo. To get the yearly plan, you have to pay $470/year.

8. Mighty Networks

Mighty Network is an online community builder that helps you in managing and build an online community for your website. This platform offers more resources other than online community builders, such as live streams, building online courses, running events, and so on. You can also create a group like on Facebook. Besides the distraction, you can also charge for your community. 

Mighty Networks Overview- Thinkific Alternatives

In Mighty Networks’ private community, your members can connect with each & everyone and talk over under your brand. It also gives access to sales and marketing tools that help you to build sales pages to increase your sale. If you want to get more detailed insight about Mighty Networks, then check out our in-depth Mighty Networks Review here.

Key Features:

  • Online Courses
  • Analytics and member data
  • Exclusive Mighty Pro Web Branding
  • Paid Membership 
  • Native Live Streaming and video
  • Zapier API and Workflow
  • Live Cohort Course Creation 


It offers two different pricing plans; The Community Plan comes with $33 per month, and The Business Plan comes with $99 per month. Path to Pro charges about $249/mo.

9. Ruzuku

Ruzuku is a top competitor and the best Thinkific alternative. It is the best learning platform in the market which offers robust features to teachers and students. The best thing about this platform it simplifies the process of setting up the online school. The main of this platform is not only creating online courses but managing the successful teaching process. 

Ruzuku Overview - Thinkific Alternatives

Ruzuku is deliberately to support online group programs and courses, where many people are placed together to form a program step by step. It is the best solution for selling online courses with many advanced features. It also provides you with a chart that gives you the ability to review the progress of each and every participant during the program. 

Key Features: 

  • Visual outlining tool for creating a course 
  • Built-in ability to create polls 
  • Course Management 
  • Teleconferences and Webinar 
  • Built-in discussion forum for building community 
  • Ability to use discount coupons and price for payment 
  • Automated content reminder and delivery emails 


Ruzuku offers three different types of pricing plans. It offers a Free plan, which is absolutely free of cost, Core plan will cost you $99 per month, and the Pro plan will cost you $199 per month. 

10. FreshLearn

FreshLearn is the most reliable course creation platform which enables you to convert your knowledge into a profitable company and helps to develop and sell courses online. It also helps you to create, modify, and sell courses online. This platform easily handles everything from the landing page to the payment process. 

FreshLearn Overview - Thinkific Alternatives

FreshLearn allows you to build and sell the courses on your learning platform. With its White Label operation that works intelligently in the background, it builds unseen critical pillars that support your organization. 

Key Features: 

  • Launch your blog 
  • Design certificates 
  • Build your own stunning website 
  • Create discount and coupon codes 
  • Host videos 
  • Get a custom domain of your name 
  • Conduct assignment 


FreshLearn offers three different types of pricing plans. The free plan is absolutely free for everyone but offers limited features, Pro plan will cost you $29 per month and the No Brainer plan will cost you $49 per month. 

11. Udemy

Udemy is one of the popular e-learning platforms. But many of us did not know that one can even sell the courses to a broader audience. Udemy can be termed as a marketplace where you can buy and sell online courses. You need to plan the curriculum, record the videos and upload those videos on Udemy.

This marketplace has many potential consumers and helps you market the course. However, there is quite a massive competition. Hence, it is also best to work hard to promote the courses before they become popular and rank organically.

udemy teaching

Udemy also offers plenty of resources to plan and organize the curriculum. Furthermore, their instructor support team is always there throughout the process and provides relevant feedback.

Key Features:

  • Large number users
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • It helps in promoting the course
  • Dedicated instructor support team to guide throughout the process
  • Support of experienced educators via Udemy online instructor community
  • Freedom to design the course
  • Create polls and quizzes


Udemy does not charge any fee. But they do charge a significant price on the revenue that you earn.

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Conclusion: Thinkific Alternatives (2023)

So this is my list of the best Thinkific alternatives now the only question remains: Which one is the best for you?

Your final choice depends on your requirements. If you want a dedicated online course creation platform just like Thinkific, then Teachable is the right option for you. If you want an all-in-one solution, then Kartra is the best option for you. With LearnDash, you can use the capabilities of WordPress and create unique courses.

I hope you can decide which course creation platform is best for you with this list. Let me know your thoughts on this list in the comment section below.

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