Top 13+ Fitness Bloggers To Follow In 2023

Fitness blogger to follow today is one of the most searched long-tail keywords in the google search engine. Because of their detailed representations, strategies, and motivation, they provide for people to follow and live healthily. Fitness blogging has seen consistent growth in the last few years and is expected to grow at an unprecedented speed hereafter. 

The reason is apparent to see. People are now more concerned about how to live fit and healthily, and a shift of perception is happening in an individual’s mindset that one must at least try to stay fit and active to encounter the unknown sickness. 

People worldwide are looking for alternate diet consumptions and fitness programs already. If you are one of them, this article will help you with the industry’s best minds of fitness presentations and their objectives. After thorough research, here we present you some of the best fitness bloggers whose content is both grounded in facts and also engaging at the same time. 

Top Fitness Bloggers To Follow: A Quick Overview! 

The below-given table and its constructed information will take you on a quick ride to consume the content at once if you aren’t a passionate reader to go through the entire article. The table is everything about the top fitness bloggers in the industry and their central blog posts. 

Sr. No.Fitness blogger Blog post 
1.Mindith RahmatBreaking Muscle 
2.Katie DunlopLove sweat fitness 
3.AdidasRuntastic blog
4.Steve KambNerd Fitness
5.Alexia Brue and Melisse GelulaWell and good 
6.Jennipher Walters and Kristen SeymourFit bottomed girls 
7.Mike lessMy fitness pal
8.Cory BrightwellChuze fitness blog
9.Scott Goudeseune Ace Fitness 
10.Neha joshPut that cheeseburger down 
11.Adam BornsteinBorn fitness 
12.Jessi KneelandJessi Kneeland
13.Albert and Mike LeeMyFitnessPal

Well, there’s the search you are looking for, fitness bloggers with their principal blog posts. If you are searching for the best in the industry and are a big fan of fitness, you must be familiar with some of the names mentioned above. However, if you’re new or haven’t heard or seen anyone from the above table, keep on reading, and you’ll better perceive each one. 

Top 13 Fitness Bloggers To Follow In 2023: 

Surprisingly, fitness blogging is very lucrative if you wish to start, but the journey will never be a pick-and-go moment. The content must be resourceful and engage with the right set of audiences. All the fitness bloggers mentioned in this article are really into producing organic content that’ll help you balance your body correctly. Let’s get into details without further due. 

1. Breaking Muscle

From nutrition, diet planning, and exercises to high-quality programs for all levels of fitness followers, this blog is one of the best among the competition. Their information is precise and on point without any losing ends. Content is curated into different sections, like trainers, professional learners, and regular consumers. 

Breaking Muscle

Fitness enthusiasts worldwide consume their content daily, irrespective of their industry and position. Breaking muscle became very popular quickly for its instructional fitness videos, nutrition advice, body workouts, and principles. Additionally, almost everything is backed up with scientific facts. That’s crazy to acknowledge, right?

People who want to follow to grow fit and healthy with strong strength can follow the blog breaking muscle without a doubt. The man behind this incredible fitness blog is Mindith Rahmat. 

2. Love sweat and fitness

Suppose you are a woman looking for solid connectivity to tone your body in the desired way and also wish to be in a community space where you can connect with other fitness enthusiasts like you. In that case, this blog could be everything to you at once. Love Sweat and Fitness, popularly known as LSF, is a blog with exclusive content for women to shape up their tone and stay healthy. 

Love sweat and fitness

Katie Dunlop is a passionate entrepreneur who helps women to stay fit and healthy by engaging in fitness activities and healthy diets. She started this blog in 2014 for fitness awareness among women with a support system of a strong community. This blog is famous for its community learning, building friendly relations among each other, and growing all together. 

The blog has various extensions of content like content on fitness, nutrition, health, lifestyle, mindset, and travel. They also produce content that includes different monthly, weekly, and yearly challenges, which help women stay focused during the program. 

3. Runtastic blog

This blog provides resourceful information like fitness tips, nutrition diets, workouts, exercise goals, motivation, and more. Runtastic blog is run by one of the biggest sports manufacturers in the global market, Adidas. 

Runtastic blog

Runtasic blog is a favorite for many because of its muscle-building and healthy living tips. Their training plans, workout goals, and weekly strategies are popular among the audience, and one can find precious content regarding all the fitness tips. 

Runtastic blog is a serious space to follow for all the runners and joggers out there, irrespective of their daily routine and the cause for their running. Their content will help in the overall health improvement of a body along with body fitness and energy stabilization. They also train in different health activities like nutrition training, lifestyle training, fitness training, advanced running, weight loss, and more. 

4. Nerd Fitness 

Nerd fitness is one of the best blogs on the internet, having more than 300000 people who have already subscribed to the blog’s content to improve their overall body fitness. The blog has thousands of fitness articles and downloadable guides free for anyone to start their fitness journey.

Nerd Fitness 

Started in 2009, Nerd fitness helps people to stay healthy by reducing their overall weight and improving functional energy with unique content as much as possible. Steve Kamb is the founder of this blog, and he’s one of the most popular bloggers in the world right now, providing accurate and resourceful information for beginner fitness enthusiasts to become pros within no time. 

Ner fitness is built solely for beginners to learn different techniques and styles of fitness with motivation and accurate information. Steve Kamb is also the author of the book “Level up your life.” Nerd fitness has been featured in many reputed publications like ‘the new york times, ‘wall street journal,’ ‘USA today, and more. 

Nerd fitness is also famous for its home workout and weight-lifting articles for both men and women. 

5. Well and Good 

Well and Good is a healthy blog for people to exercise routines, body treatments, fitness tips, and mentorship from top trainers. This blog has been trendy on the internet for over a decade. It’s growing significantly every day, with more people discovering the platform. 

Well and Good 

Tow journalists from news publications started well and Good in 2010 to publish the right content for their audience to become more fit and health-conscious every day. Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula are the co-founders of this fitness blog and have been actively publishing content on the blog since they founded it. 

Every article of their blog post has a sense of integrated philosophy, and their skin care tips are widely recognized among the crowd. Their take on updated wellness trends and facts is amazing to acknowledge, and they even run a podcast called “the well+good podcast.” Overall, Well and good is an excellent stop to people for all health advice and momentary learnings. 

6. Fit-bottomed girls 

Fit-bottomed girls is an excellent fitness blog for beginners to advanced learners. This blog has been run by two certified professional fitness trainers, Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour, since 2008. People can see the creator’s vision on the blog as they intended to develop fitness programs and health advice without actually getting into any diet. 

Fit-bottomed girls 

Besides tips and advice, the founders also run a community with the same name. The blog also focuses on different categories like mental health, relationship advice, weekly workouts, healthy eating, and more. Additionally, they produce additional content for different verticals like beginners, mothers, girls, and new-generation enthusiasts. 

Fit-bottomed girls have been growing since they introduced categorical content. They even produced a podcast show named Fit Bottomed girls. The blog provides online courses that are ‘love your body’ and ‘love your life. Within a short span of blog release, their unique diet-free approach reached millions of people on the internet. That’s how their community grew very soon. 

7. My Fitness pal 

My fitness pal is a reading website and application for everyday fitness goals and nutritional checks. You might have come across the name Mike less and his fitness blog My Fitness pal if you are a hardcore fitness enthusiast. Mike is an entrepreneur and fitness trainer who have been consistently delivering free resources that helps in improving the health and fitness of people.

My Fitness pal 

My Fitness pal’s blog community is the biggest fitness community in the world, with everyday support and resources from world-class trainers. The community’s content is super informative and educates people to improve their fitness goals without losing focus. The blog and application also help track an individual’s fitness with nutrition consumption. 

People can connect with their website and application on their very first look. Their blog is very informative for fitness and health enthusiasts with mentorship, nutritional follow-up, fitness essentials, a nutrition diet, and helpful recipes. Their application, My fitness pal, is downloaded by more than 100 million users with close to 1.5 million ratings. 

8. Chuze Fitness blog 

It is one of the top physical fitness training spaces in America, and their blog, on the other hand, is also popularly known on the internet. Chuze fitness blogs are the finest, with accurate health and fitness information covering workouts, meditation, virtual training, and more. 

Chuze Fitness blog 

Their membership plan includes different plans and rewards from both the application and website. Chuze fitness blogs are for all classes of people. From beginners to pros who wish to learn and work out consistently over periods. The blog also covers nutritional intake recipes, workout sessions of different intervals, wellness tips, and more.

Cory Brightwell founded Chuze fitness in 2008 and is currently the CEO of Chuze fitness. Their finite spaces in different states of the USA are trendy among the crowd. With fan clubs and virtual training sessions of yoga, Zumba, and more, the Chuze fitness blog is quite resourceful. But it only works on a premium subscription basis. 

9. Ace fitness and healthy lifestyle blog 

Ace fitness blog curates tons of healthy living and fitness information. All their articles are very informative and keep you hooked with resource-backed content and in-depth explanations. The ace healthy blog is for fitness enthusiasts and admirers who desire to learn healthy recipes for nutrition, diet, and mental health, along with physical fitness and outright health information.

Ace fitness and healthy lifestyle blog 

Ace fitness also provides NCCA-accredited certifications for professional working-class people in healthcare and fitness. The current CEO of Ace fitness is Scott Goudeseune, who has more than 30 years of experience in health and wellness marketing. Cedric X. Bryant is the company’s president and has written over 300 wellness blogs across several publications and fitness magazines. 

ACE believes in people being healthy and fits all the time. It provides full-body workout sessions that focus on muscle strength, arms, and the body’s core. Their contribution to the wellness sector reflects the company’s beliefs and strategies for healthy lifestyles and mental health balance. 

10. Put that cheeseburger down

Put that cheeseburger down is a simple yet beautiful blog by Neha josh from India. This blog provides a mindfulness approach with profound insights into the fitness and healthy living space. The blog has each section dedicated to mental health, mindful eating, health products, holistic healing, and more for people to read, learn and indulge.

Put that cheeseburger down

Every blog of their blog post is a direct approach for people to consume short and informative content that encourages a healthy living lifestyle. Along with the healthy nutrition and fitness approach, one can clearly see their intention to provide mental health content in many published articles. 

All their remedies are distinctive from others, and precisely, there’s no nuisance shared on the platform. Anybody can access the content and contact the founder directly for better recipes and advice on mental health, living, and fitness. 

11. Born fitness 

Born fitness is also one of the biggest resource producers on the internet, with excellent health and fitness blogs. Reading their daily newsletters makes you understand how well they produce content in different health and fitness niches. 

Born fitness 

Born fitness blog will help people to stay motivated and help them in stress relaxation by giving the best advice regarding health, nutrition, and fitness content. Adam Bornstein, the founder of this blog, is a fitness expert and has years of experience delivering fitness content and assisting people in staying healthy.

This blog will help consume accurate information and eliminate all the jargon available on the internet. Their solutions are simple and easy to digest. People of all ages, irrespective of their experience in fitness, can access their content hassle-free. 

12. Jessi Kneeland

We are very sure you would have heard about Jessi Kneeland for all the good reasons if you are passionate about fitness. She has one of the biggest brand in the fitness industry. Her blogs are loved for all the right reasons, from helping spreading positivity to promoting self love, her blogs are admired a lot.

Jessi Kneeland Website Overview

She is a coach, a writer and a speaker who helps people to free themselves from body issues. Jessi absolutely knows how to convey the right content to her audience. Through blogs and video content she does an amazing job. Jess’s blogs encourages new people to start their journey of fitness and health by giving them confidence and making them feel good about their so they can achieve their fitness goals.


MyFitnessPal is a leading fitness-tracking app. You can track all your activities and learn to stick to and implement a healthy lifestyle to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.

MyFitnessPal homepage

MyFitnessPal provides helpful resources like fitness, inspiration, weight loss, nutrition, and recipes that are healthy and tasty. They even offer personalized expert-guided workout and meal plans. This blog was started by two brothers: Albert and Mike Lee in the year 2005.

Conclusion: All Fitness Bloggers

There you have it. All fitness bloggers and their blog sites are rich in producing useful information, advice, nutritional diets, motivation, and assistance regarding health and fitness. Depending on your search and awareness in the fitness space, you might be familiar with some or everyone. 

The internet has boundless information and content on any topic. From providing home workout remedies to assisting every individual in the one-on-one session, different blogs approach their target audience in various methods. 

Consume the content with the right intention and read it over and over to acknowledge it better. Finally, choose the right blogger according to your perception of progression in fitness. 

FAQs: Fitness Bloggers To Follow

Can anyone become a fitness blogger?

No one can become a content creator. People must be clear about their objectives and have the right experience in the field before assisting anyone with content. 

Who are the top three fitness bloggers to follow in 2023?

It’s pretty challenging to refine the top three among the best fitness bloggers in 2023, but considering the personal agenda and quality of the content production, the below-mentioned are the top three to follow and learn. 
Steve Kamb, Nerd Fitness 
Mike less, My fitness pal
Katie Dunlop, Love sweat and fitness

Is fitness blogging lucrative?

It certainly depends on your service in the industry. If you are just a blogger with regular blog postings, you might earn a little less compared to bloggers who sell products and mentorship at different prices. 

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