14 Best Book Bolt Alternatives In 2023 (Compared & Reviewed)

Looking for Book Bolt Alternatives? Then You are at the right place. We live in a content-and-context world, surrounded by exciting alternatives in the realm of content creation. With the internet uprising or the web, the internet has directed human life to a more fulfilling and full of opportunities world.

Book Bolt is also a shelter for online content creation, providing several new ways of creating content, publishing and earning a satisfying income. If Book Bolt’s pricing is the issue for you then we have an exclusive Book Bolt coupon code to help you save a few bucks.

However, writers and publishers prefer finding alternatives due to some setbacks. In this article, we are going to cover top Book Bolt alternatives based on our experience and research! 

With that, let’s get into the details below!

Book Bolt Alternatives In a Nutshell

We have created a list of all the alternatives if you are on the go and need a quick list! 

Sr. No.Alternative SoftwarePurpose
1.Canva The cover page and graphic designing 
2.Kindle RankerPublishing and marketing 
3.Bookow.comPublishing and Formatting 
4.Publisher RocketMarketing and sales 
5.Book BirdDesigning and self-publishing 
6.Interior Builder Book interiors creating and publishing 
7.Merch Titans Product search and product data 
8.Creative Fabrica Stylish content creating and publishing
9.KDP Wizard Direct publishing and powerful database 
10.Amazon ASINBoost visibility 
11.Tangent Good Publications and interior designing 
12.KDP MinerKeyword Analysis
13.KDSPYSEO Research Tool
14.Amazon Search Suggestion ExpanderProduct Keyword

Book Bolt Alternatives In 2023

We have listed down some of the best Book Bolt Alternatives, which will work. 

1. Canva

Once in a lifetime, you may have heard about Canva, or if you are a social media geek, you may have heard it multiple times. But, did you know Canva, for the designing purpose, is the exact match of the Book bolt? With its Built-in themes and plugins, you can design the cover pages and text images and update the existing ones with its self-guiding interface. 

Canva book bolt Alternatives

Along with creating book covers on Canva, you can design graphics, edit videos, and add text to your files. Canva is the best place to start your graphic designing journey, as recommended by industry experts. 

Key features

  • Graphic Designing
  • Video editing
  • Resume, CV, cover page, portfolio builder
  • Accessible premium account

Pricing and plan

Free version/$12.99 Per month for the paid plan 

2. Kindle Ranker

Kindle Ranker is one of the best alternatives to Book Bolt. Although the critical purpose is the same of both software, they differ in the variety of functions, in-built features, and more. The software comes with a complete tool kit to establish your brand and sell the books on Kindle. 

Kindle Ranker Book Bolt Allternatives

Kindle ranker aims to assess you throughout your book writing to publishing and meet the right audience for your book on Kindle. By enabling email notification, you get all the metrics, including the rank to which your book reach, new comment by the readers, price promotion, and free giveaways. 

Key features

  • Book Idea search
  • Keyword research 
  • Category Search
  • Book Spying
  • Author Spying 

Pricing and Plans

Ranking pro$7.99 per month 
Kindle Master$12.99 per month 

3. Bookow.com 

Bookow.com is a self-book publishing and automated formatting software that supports newcomers and experts in publishing and formatting books. 

Bookow Book Bolt Alternatives

The software requires you to create or upload your manuscript and select a book or ebook formatting. Then after you can generate and download your formatted text. Bookow.com also offers a typeset.

At the last of the process, you get your trimmed, well-formatted, and edited file delivered to your desktop. Furthermore, the software has an in-built feature to generate your KDP template. All these lucrative features attracted readers from Book bolt to Bookow.com. 

Key features

  • Automated formatting 
  • Custom formatting 
  • Cover template generator 
  • Print-on-demand services

Pricing and plans 

Books with no images $80.00
Books with images $120.00

4. Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket is one of the imperative tools in book publishing and online marketing. Publishing your books on amazon kindle with publisher rocket gives wings to your books that result in significant revenue. Over 30,000 authors worldwide have published their creative writings with publisher Rocket and generated more profit. 

Publisher Rocket Book Bolt Alternatives

In addition, you can skyrocket lead generation if you publish your book on the publisher rocket. Select this publishing software to find the right keywords, analyze competition, and size up leads and profitable categories. With its strategic four features, you can rank your book high on amazon search results. 

Key features

  • Keyword research 
  • Competition analysis 
  • Categoric research 
  • Amazon ads
  • Insights about Amazon categories 

Pricing and plans

Starts with $97 and never pays again ( 30 days money back guarantee)

5. Book Bird

Book Bird is a self-publishing software that leverages publishing services and tools to get high ranks in amazon search results. With its self-discoverable tools and services, you can kick-start converting leads into customers on publishing through Book Bird. 

Book Bird Book Bolt Alternatives

The software allows you to design the interior of your book to increase the ranking and thus sales on amazon. With over 550 handcrafts and line-art illustrators, you can create the cover paper for your book to make it appealing and attractive. 

In addition, designing and structuring your book marketing campaigns and media channels helps establish brand value in every niche. 

Key features

  • Templates
  • Course 
  • Guide
  • Tools 
  • Community 
  • Amazon KDP

Pricing and plans

For a gold library, $49.99 

6. Interior Builder 

Interior Builder is another Book bolt alternative that offers publishers various services. It also provides solutions for creating book interiors and is a go-to platform for a publisher who wants to design attractive and colorful interiors for the book.  

Interior Builder Book Bolt Alternatives

The platform also allows selling your creative interiors on amazon kindle direct publishing. Interior builder is best known for its cover designing and interior design that gives a unique look to your paperback.

Key Features

  • Designing tool 
  • Customization as per choice
  • Print-on-demand paperbacks
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Realtime PDF preview

Pricing and plans 

Free trial three days free trial 
Monthly Subscription $8.99 per month 
Annual subscription $89.99 per year

7. Merch Titans

This is yet another great alternative to book bolt, which provides all tools you need by Amazon. The tool helps you in increasing sales and profit. In a nutshell, it is one such tool that streamlines the publisher’s product analysis strategy more efficiently.  

Merch Titans Book bolt Alternatives

Some best tools are available on Merch Titans that help its users in the keyword search to get product data and other information. This tool helps the user easily search through the top-selling product list and helps in making profitable markets on the Merch by Amazon. 

Key Features

  • KDP research access
  • Trademark checker
  • Keywords research
  • Product research
  • Titan vault

Pricing and plans

Starter Researchers plan$9.99
Advanced Researchers Plan $29.99

8. Creative Fabrica 

It is another best alternative to Book bolt. Creative Fabric is a great tool to start with if you are searching for a large variety of templates for KDP interiors or want to make money online. 

Creative Fabrica

It is a tool that has a widespread library of templates; it has specialized mainly in providing design assets like various stylish fonts for publishers. 

Key Features

  • Free online font managing tool
  • Shape cloud
  • Craft club feature for the publisher
  • 4+ Million graphics
  • Commercial license
  • 60000+ cut files

Pricing and plans

Crafts $12 for three months
All Access$29 per month
Fonts$19 per month
Graphics$19 per month

9. KDP Wizard 

It is a great alternative that is good for anyone who is looking for a Kindle Direct Publishing platform. KDP Wizard is also low-content publishing and also provides various services. 

KDP Wizard

Wizard  is a tool that links Amazon KDP data and the Airtable API application that makes data well established and safe. 

Key Features

  • Text editor tool
  • Straightforward user interface
  • Direct access to a customer review
  • Chrome extensions
  • Collaborate with other publishers

Pricing and plans

Monthly subscription $14.99 Per month
Annual Subscription $149.99 Per year

10. Amazon ASIN

Another alternative to book bolt is Amazon ASIN which is a tool that provides free lookup tools that help in generating low content publishers giving all the necessary business that guide in improving the sales. 

Amazon ASIN

The Amazon keyword research tool helps stimulate visibility and enhances the chances of conversation with long-tail Amazon keywords. 

Key Features

  • Strategizing business plans and decision making
  • Keyword ranking
  • Listing Quality
  • Estimating revenue
  • Different style options and symbols

Pricing and plans

All tools at Amazon ASIN are free

11. Tangent

A tangent is a tool that is similar to Book Bolt, but it has a more elegant tool as compared to Book Bolt, making it an amazing Book Bolt Alternative. It is a tool that helps provide a large gallery of easy-to-use templates for your project. 


It also has tools like a niche machine, which gives access to over 15000 evergreen niches and low content publishers at different grouped categories and search volumes. 

Key Features

  • Superb keyword finder
  • Formulizer tool
  • Product development and image recognition
  • Color analysis
  • Idea generate

Pricing and plans

Monthly$24.99 per month
Twelve months $200 + magic formula
Six months$125 for six months

12. KDP Miner

KDP Miner is the browser extension that is the best alternative to Book Bolt. It is a feathery tool that helps the low-content publisher to automate and simplify Amazon keyword inspection. You just need to type the search term, and this tool will create a list of profitable keywords associated with the search term. It also helps the publishers to compare their book covers with their competitors. 

KDP Miner Overview

KDP Miner is an amazing tool that helps the publisher to analyze every keyword suggestions which is related to the original search term and BSR, verify its review, and some other parameters. This tool makes it very easy to determine whether the book cover is compared well with its competitor in the alike niche. 

Key Features 

  • Customizable profitable parameter 
  • Offer cover preview function 
  • Provide user-friendly interface 
  • Offer auto suggestions for keyword


Free to use chrome extension. 


KDSPY is one of the best alternatives, considered as an impactful tool for authors and self-publishers. Mainly used for keyword research, estimating revenues, book tracking and many more.

KDSPY Overview

KDSPY is a spy tool which helps publisher get vital information, helps them choose the right category to get ranked. Using this will help identify and you can track the bestsellers information for ranking.

Key Features

  • Keyword Research, Estimating Revenues, Book Tracking and many more.
  • Spy Tool to get Vital Information.
  • Can Track information for Ranking.


$59 will give you access to all the resources and tools for lifetime.

14. Huge Amazon Search Suggestion Expander

Huge Amazon Search Suggestion Expander is a Chrome extension that can easily be installed in your browser. This Chrome extension is a perfect alternative to Book Bolt. It is easy to use and quick compared to others for KDP book niches and FBA products. 

Huge Amazon Search Suggestion Expander

You need to download the expander and type the keyword on the Amazon search bar, then it pop-ups with more words before and after the main keyword. The platform generates a comprehensive list of long-tail keywords and potential niche ideas, which can be exported and downloaded into your Excel.

Key Features

  • User friendly
  • Access to KDP and FBA 
  • Keyword research
  • Products Research
  • Keywords can be downloaded


Amazon Search Suggestion Expander is free to use.

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Final Verdict on Book Bolt Alternatives (2023)

All the articles above support comprehensive analysis, ratings, and user reviews. We have listed the top-notch industry-leading software for you to replace the Book bolt. The above tools are the best alternatives to Book Bolt to increase the demand for your book in the market and generate leads. Whether it be formatting or self-publishing, all the software is effectively equipped to make your life easy and increase sales. 

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